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School Holiday

School Holiday
Learn to Swim Intensive

The learn to swim intensive program can dramatically improve your child’s chance of developing swimming ability through daily instruction.  Best suited to primary school aged children, the program is ideal for those who wish to enhance and build upon their term program learning or for those who are not currently enrolled in our term Swim School.

Each 30 minute session has a maximum number of 5 students (or less) per class so that each child has the opportunity for one on one coaching and close supervision.   Multiple classes are available, catering for different levels of ability.


January 2024 Program Dates: 

Tues 2nd – Frid 5th Jan

  • Session 1 – 9am-9.30am

  • Session 2 – 9.30am-10am

  • Session 3 – 10am-10.30am

  • Session 4 – 10.30am-11.00am

Price:  4 Day Program $79

To reserve your place, please complete the registration form, or for more information please contact YMCA Swim School on

*Due to maintenance on the 50m Pool, our program will only run until the 5th of Jan. 

Holiday Program Registration

Repeat entry for each student


Thanks for registering, we'll be in touch soon

Level Guide

While our teaches will adjust our program to the needs of our students, below is a rough guide to which level will best suit your child.


Our beginner level is for students that are fairly new to the water and still working on their independence.


Activities in this level may include:

  • Water familiarization

  • Front floats

  • Back floats

  • Torpedoes

  • Back kick

  • Introduction to freestyle/backstroke

For current students, this level corresponds with our Tadpole, Octopus, and new Goldfish students.



Our intermediate class caters for students that are comfortable swimming independently for 10-15m.


Activities in this level may include:

  • Freestyle

  • Backstroke

  • Freestyle breathing

  • Introduction to Survival Backstroke

This class corresponds with our Goldfish and Sardine levels.



Our advanced classes cater for students comfortable repeatably swimming 25m of freestyle and backstroke and want to fine-tune their technique. They also provide more in-depth work on Breaststroke.


Activities in this level may include:

  • Breaststroke kick

  • Breaststroke timing

  • Freestyle and Backstroke rotation


This class corresponds with our Flying Fish, Salmon, and Tuna levels

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