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Clarence Aquatic Centre
Managed by 'the Y'

‘The Y ’ is a community not for profit organisation (formally The YMCA of Hobart Inc) and has been operating in Tasmania since 1884.  


We run programs and services for all ages, abilities and backgrounds with the focus on being fully inclusive, compassionate and approachable.  We have a wide range of programs for Youth & Children, Seniors, and All Abilities and are committed to supporting the ever evolving needs of the local communit  

Our organisation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and managed by a dedicated staff team. We work collaboratively with government and other non-profit groups and partners to provide the best possible outcome for our community.

“We are making a positive difference to humanity by providing each and every person an opportunity to be healthy, happy and connected”.


The YMCAs of Australia work together from a base of Christian values to provide opportunities for all people to grow in body, mind and spirit.


We are making a positive difference by providing opportunity to each and every person to be healthy, happy and connected.

The YMCAs of Australia are also guided by their agreed Strategic Directions, agreed by the Movement at its 2013 Annual General Meeting. YMCA Vision Brochure


The YMCAs of Australia are guided to achieve their Mission by the following Christian values. We value:

  • The whole person, consisting of a body, a mind and a spirit each of which is of equal importance.

  • The dignity and intrinsic worth of all people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, belief or other difference.

  • Diversity of people, communities and nations.

  • Equality of opportunity and justice for all people.

  • Healthy communities based on relationships between people which are characterised by love, understanding and mutual respect.

  • Acceptance of personal responsibility.

View 'The Y - Hobart's' Strategic Plan - Towards 2025

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